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The Knife – Like A Pen

You’ll probably know Heartbeats by these guys which was pretty huge when José González covered it and it became the theme tune for a bunch of bouncing balls.

This is off the Swedish duo’s third album, Silent Shout, and is more of the same quirky electro stuff. The vocalist, Karin, recently released a solo album as Fever Ray. Wicked stuff

Fever Ray

My buddy Stephen put me on to this one. It’s a little project from Karin, the singer of the The Knife.

I love this track from the album called When I Grow Up and the video is totally cool as well. Well worth checking it in HD on vimeo for full effect

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Fever Ray website
Listen on Spotify: spotify:album:4XqxgfhSejcuMsa1uPPQEi