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The Prodigy – Full Throttle

I pulled Music For The Jilted Generation out of the shelves recently after realising it had been years since last giving it a play. To me Experience sounds a little dated now, even though it does contain some complete classics, but Liam’s second album has stood the test of time surprisingly well, if you ask me.

It sits pretty nicely somewhere between their hardcore beginnings and the rock/dance crossover act that they’d eventually become. I kinda lost interest when Keith and Maxim stopped just doing the running man and started getting on the mic but obviously lots of people didn’t agree with me as they’re still going strong and headlining festivals the world over.

The singles on the album massively overshadowed everything else and made me super bored of hearing them ever again but there are some total gems there. This one shows that there was a bit of hardcore still alive in the Prodigy sound and the last three tracks on the record are pure gold, especially Skylined. The whole things brings back memories of seeing them at Brixton Academy in ’95 or so dancing about with my curtains flying all over the place. Good times.

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