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UK Garage Todd Edwards/Tuff Jam/New Horizons Mix by Ray Juss

I was just searching for a garage mix on Mixcloud and happened across one of the only ones that doesn’t contain the same 15 tunes. Turns out it’s by Ray Juss the man responsible for several events that happen around London inclduing the great vinyl only night Off The Record which I’m hopefully going to be playing a few tunes at at some point in the future.

Anyway, back to the mix. Great selection and some tip top swift mixing. Highly recommended

  1. Baffled – Over You

  2. Tuff Jam Feat Xavier – Tumblin’ Down

  3. Indo – R U Sleeping (Todd Edwards Mix)

  4. Baffled – Going On

  5. New Horizons – Find The Path (Tuff Jam Diy Dub)

  6. Todd Edwards – Thank You

  7. Tuff Jam – Just Cant Get Enough

  8. Industry Standard Vol 1 – What You Want

  9. New Horizons – Its My House (Bassline mix)

  10. Tuff Jam/Todd Edwards – Wanting Jesus

  11. Tuff Jam/Todd Edwards – One Day

  12. Big Bird – Flav

  13. 10 Degrees Below – What You Do

  14. About 2 – Real Loving

  15. Steve Gurley – Rhythms Gona Get Cha

UK Garage Todd Edwards/Tuff Jam/New Horizons Mix by Rayjuss on Mixcloud

Dave H & Cisko – How Good (Tommy J & Dave H VIP)

This is a little tune I made back in the late 90s for one of a series of garage labels that me & a few mates used to run out of our studio. Bizarrely, Simon Reynolds seems to like it enough to have included it in a list of his favourite R&B/Garage crossover tracks, which is kinda cool.

I’m honoured to hear that he thinks it’s “a classic example of 2step’s four-way collision of rave, reggae, R&B and house”, although I’m not sure it’s anywhere near as good as that. Still, it’s a fun little tune and reminds me of good days years back spent sitting in a very hot room with no windows pressing buttons on racks of samplers and effects units.

If only I actually owned a copy of the damn thing!

Jason Kaye & Steve Gurley – Can’t Wait

Lovely garage from ’97 courtesy of two of the top guys in the game. I’ve always loved Steve Gurley’s productions and Jason Kaye was always a favourite DJ of mine playing house & garage and especially as part of Top Buzz in a more hardcore guise. Enjoy…

Zed Bias ft. FaltyDL – Lucid Dreams

A guy behind more classic late 90s garage tunes than you probably realise teams up with New York’s FaltyDL for a track on his bizarrely titled “Biasonic Hotsauce: Birth Of The Nanocloud” album. There are about a million collaborations on it as well as a bunch of skits telling some weird story that I couldn’t be arsed to listen to. I wasn’t blown away by a lot of the tracks at first listen but this one is lovely!

Zed Bias
Buy Zed Bias – Biasonic Hotsauce: Birth Of The Nanocloud at Juno

Ray Hurley – Your Love

A little garage gem that I’d forgotten about. Ray Hurley made a load of top tunes back in the day, a few of which I still need to track down on vinyl as they’re sadly missing from the shelves. Boooooo