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PressPausePlay: The Vinyl Factory

A snippet from forthcoming documentary PressPausePlay about The Vinyl Factory, a UK based pressing plant who produce some beautiful wax. They did the recent amazing Pet Shop Boys – Yes box set that I wish I could have afforded to pick up as well as a load of other limited and interesting releases.

You can see the trailer for the full movie here. It looks pretty good!

A new site I made! 12in.ch

I’ve been working on a little fun project for the past few of months. It’s an idea I had a long time ago to go with a domain that I’d bought – http://12in.ch. I wanted a place where I could use my camera to take some really nice pics of weird and wonderful records in my collection – coloured ones, picture discs, etched etc. and also wanted to try a design that used hand drawn elements.

We launched it earlier this week and the reaction has been great. Loads of people have signed up to contribute images and there have been some excellent ones posted already!

Check it out for yourselves

12in.ch – Coloured vinyl, picture discs, etched records and assorted vinyl nonsense