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Gibson guitars – Voodoo series

Gibson’s definitely my favourite make of guitar. I’ve always wanted to own a Les Paul and still hope that someday I’ll eventually have money spare to splash out on one. For now, I’m happy with my ’76 Explorer which I was lucky enough to pick up back in the late 90s for a pretty good price.

I spotted this lot recently, four of Gibson’s best looking guitars – The Les Paul, Explorer, Flying V and SG – all with a super awesome blackpaint job with a hint of deep red minimal red detailing across the rest of the guitar.

Here’s an image of all except the SG (never really liked them, personally) with a little close up of the skull on the fret board. Click the image for a bigger version…

Gibson Voodoo guitars

They don’t seem to make them any more as they were discontinued in 2003. Probably for the best as I can see my credit card trying to jump out of my wallet as I type this…