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Archive for May, 2013

Letherette – Say The Sun

Nice moody, laid back beats from Letherette: two lads whose tunes I’ve been playing for a while now. They just released their debut album through Ninja Tune and it’s a wicked mix of all sorts of electronic styles from pumpin’ house to more experimental excursions. I love the guitar(?) line in this but the album is well worth checking out in full. Get on it!

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Scuba’s Ibiza After Hours Mix for IMS

Lovely stuff from the mighty Scuba. Been enjoying this a lot this afternoon.

Dance Energy

I might have been young but when this was on TV (around 1990/91) but my older cousin lived at my place at the time and being 18 or so she was out clubbing a fair bit and was well into dance music. She was responsible for getting me into a lot of this stuff and we’d always watch Dance Energy on TV whenever it came on (Friday nights, I think?) It’s odd to think that this was on BBC2 back then, not sure they’d put anything like this on any more.

I always used to love the bit when they’d stick some tunes on and film the audience dancing. I’d try and do the moves at home, with mixed succes (my running man was pretty on point) and always wished I had all the cool trainers & clothes that the people on the show had. Watching the videos now I was expecting everything to look far worse and dated than it actually does. Some of the fashion is obviously terrible, although much of it is what some people actually wear nowadays, but I didn’t cringe too much at all.

The show regularly had lots of awesome tunes on it. Loads of hardcore (that I won’t bother posting here) but also plenty of decent underground stuff from the time. I never remembered what any of the tunes were at the time but I reckon this was probably the first time I’d heard much of the stuff that I’d later get into in a much bigger way.

Big house beats from Joey Negro

Total confusion!

Some Hijack on a UK hip hop tip. The guy who raps second would later resurface as the Unknown MC (ha!)

The show was always a welcome break from Top of the Pops and a reminder that there was actually decent “youth” programming on UK TV at one point. Not sure the same can be said now!

High Fashion – Hold On

Absolute banger from High Fashion who have made their way onto the Lighthouse London stereo quite a lot lately. They were launched/managed by Jacques Fred Petrus, the guy also responsible for the awesome B. B. & Q. Band. Meli’sa Morgan was one of the vocalists, she had several wicked tunes as a solo artist. Should really post a couple of them up at some point. Wunderbar.

High Fashion
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Locked Groove – Shirts Off

Locked Groove’s started his own label and this is the first release. Vinyl only and in your shops today. The A-side is cool but it’s the flip that it’s all about. Killer pianos and one that I can certainly see will make many sweaty, pilled up rave casualties reach down and rip the shirts from their bodies in one swift move. That is, of course, if it doesn’t get all stuck to them because of the perspiration. Gross. Them, not the tune.

Locked Groove
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