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Archive for October, 2012

Kate Bush – Wow

So awesome.

Kate Bush
Buy Kate Bush – Lionheart at Amazon

Gladys Knight – Licence To Kill (Luxar Versions)

So, Skyfall comes out today. I saw the trailer the other day and it looked absolutely sick. I almost yelped when I saw a tube train crashing through a wall. It’s gonna be serious and James Bond is the man.

My mate Tom AKA Luxar makes wicked tunes and in celebration of all things Bond has done a couple of versions of arguably the best Bond theme ever – Licence To Kill by Gladys Knight. They are pretty fab, so give ’em a spin.

Nick Mulvey – The Trellis

I was lucky enough to see this guy last night playing at a Gilles Peterson curated night in the chapel at the House of St Barnabus in Soho. An absolutely beautiful venue that I had never realised was there, despite having walked past it a million times over the years.

Nick used to be in Portico Quartet, an act who I also got to see for the first time this year at Gilles’s Worldwide Festival in France. You should check them out too! His first EP should be coming out in November and, from what I heard last night, it’ll be well worth a purchase.

Breakdancing Predators

It’s my birthday today so I thought I would treat you to some predators breakdanciing

Dave H & Cisko – How Good (Tommy J & Dave H VIP)

This is a little tune I made back in the late 90s for one of a series of garage labels that me & a few mates used to run out of our studio. Bizarrely, Simon Reynolds seems to like it enough to have included it in a list of his favourite R&B/Garage crossover tracks, which is kinda cool.

I’m honoured to hear that he thinks it’s “a classic example of 2step’s four-way collision of rave, reggae, R&B and house”, although I’m not sure it’s anywhere near as good as that. Still, it’s a fun little tune and reminds me of good days years back spent sitting in a very hot room with no windows pressing buttons on racks of samplers and effects units.

If only I actually owned a copy of the damn thing!