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Archive for October, 2012

Miami Nights 1984 – Sunset Cruise

Super 80s vibes from Miami Nights. I can picture driving through town in a Porsche 944 flipping the headlights while women wearing bright colours and massive hair parade the streets to this. Well, maybe not, but a man can dream!

Wildchild – Renegade master

Forget the travesty that was the Fatboy Slim remix (puke!) it was all about this one. Simple as you like 90s house goodness. Big tune

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Ejeca – Horizon

I recently heard this on Blakey’s latest promo mix. I’d never heard of Ejeca before but this is some nice stuff. Give it a spin and check out some of their other tracks at the same time, there are some nice bits in there…

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Jose James – Made For Love

Smoooooooooooth stuff taken from the Blackmagic LP. Not totally sure who produced this one but apparently Flying Lotus did do some of the tracks on the album and this sounds similar to his style!

Jose James
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