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Soul For Real – Every Little Thing I Do

Jammin’ R&B classic from the Soul For Real boys. 90s vibes.

Soul For Real
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R. Kelly – We Ride

R. Kelly is definitely one of the most ludicrous, yet amazing, people to exist in the world. His songs are regularly incredible (this one especially) with lyrics that often make me wonder what exactly goes on in his mind during the song writing process. I think being R. Kelly for a day would be a trip into a world that is completely insane but probably a lot of fun, if I’m honest.

R Kelly
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The Isley Brothers feat R. Kelly – Contagious

Kells, King of R&B, and Mr. Big Ron Isley together for the ultimate sexy-time croonathon! Honestly, what could be better?

Answer: not much.

Isley Brothers
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Jose James – Made For Love

Smoooooooooooth stuff taken from the Blackmagic LP. Not totally sure who produced this one but apparently Flying Lotus did do some of the tracks on the album and this sounds similar to his style!

Jose James
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LL Cool J – Luv U Better

Great tune but probably not remembered as LL’s finest moment. Wicked Neptunes beat anyway. In the video he looks a bit like he’s made of wax and it’s sad to see that no one ever taught him how buttons work. You’ll catch a cold with those shirts undone like that, young man!

LL Cool J
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