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Until The Light Takes Us

Saw some posters of this in some of the more trendy record shops on a recent trip to New York and thought it looked pretty interesting. (Another) film about the Norwegian Black Metal scene and all the nonsense, murderation and general weirdness that goes on round those parts. Awesome use of Burzum in the trailer with interviews with man himself. Will definitely be looking this one up when it’s out in the UK…very much doubt it’ll get anywhere near a cinema here, though

Even if you’re not into metal it’s a pretty fascinating subject and I’d also really recommend picking your way through the Lords of Chaos book if you can be arsed (it gets a bit boring towards the end).

Check the trailer…

Edit: video removed from YouTube check it on the official site

http://blackmetalmovie.com for even more info

Burzum – Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität

OK, bear with me on this one. When I started this blog I thought about posting up metal tunes and decided against it as I’m well aware that it might scare a few people off, even if it is a type of music that I love.

This tune is from infamous Norwegian black metal arist Burzum AKA Varg Vikernes taken from his Filosofem album. He’s kind of a cult figure and completely not a nice bloke but, sadly, he made incredible music before he decided to go round killing people and generally being a naughty boy. The black metal tag is probably a bit unfair for most of this album as a lot of it does share similarities with ambient music, albeit ambient stuff with incredibly distorted guitars and live drums. If you’re willing to take a chance then check the album out, specifically the track Dunkleheit which is absolutely amazing.

For those who are scared by guitars here’s part of a 25 minute(!) electronic piece from the album. It doesn’t do much but it somehow works

Burzum – Filosofem