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Critical Podcast #10: Bladerunner

I just grabbed this today and it’s wicked. Bladerunner seems to be one of a few guys who are churning out d&b with a heavy influence from the mid-90s jungle & Bristol style jump up sounds. I am/was a huge fan of that kinda thing and some of the tunes I’ve heard recently have been pretty good. The forthcoming “Back to the Jungle” on Critical is a banger. Listen to that here…

Tracklist for the podcast here…

  1. Changes – Bladerunner – Dub

  2. Cause of Death – Bladerunner & Mr Explicit – Penny Black

  3. Back to the Jungle – Bladerunner – Critical

  4. The Temple – Bladerunner – Dub

  5. Destiny Comes Ringing – Break – Commercial Suicide

  6. Basic Principles – Commix remix – Metalheadz

  7. Danger – Mr Explicit – Dub

  8. Nuclear Attack – Bladerunner – Dread Dub

  9. Only You – Bladerunner – Dub

  10. Who Jah Bless – Serum & Bladerunner – Critical

  11. It’s Taking over me – Bladerunner & Mr Explicit – Penny Black

  12. Images – Serum & Bladerunner – Critical

  13. All Things – Bladerunner – Dub

Grab it here…

Critical Podcast page
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Thumbzo – Niceness – 95-96 Mellow Drum and Bass Mix

A dreamy mix here from top man Thumbzo, one of the winners of the recent RollDaBeats DJ competition and totally top bloke, on a mellow dnb vibe. Starting off with an absolute classic – Intense’s Sax Lick – and rolling through a whole host of lovely tunes. Get listening…

You can find a load of other mixes across a load of different styles from the man here too


The Jungle Debate – Interview

I stumbled across this the other day and thought I’d share. It’s an interview with a few key jungle DJs, producers and promoters from, I’m guessing, around late ’95 – DJ Rap, Darren Jay, Bryan Gee, Boymerang, L Double and Jarvis Sandy (Desert Storm Promotions) – discussing where the jungle/drum & bass scene was at the time and how the whole Jungle name was becoming synonymous with violence, drugs and general naughtiness

Worth a read to see what was going on 14 odd years ago and how things have changed

The Jungle Debate interview

Mastermind – Blacknotes

Back into jungle mode with this one. Mastermind AKA Just Jungle AKA Genotype on the melodic tip with Blacknotes, a wicked tune that came out on Renegade Recordings back in 1996.

A totally infectious little melody in this track and awesome use of the Kurtis Blow – Do The Do break, one of my favs. I love this style of jungle and could listen to mixes of mid 90s melodic tunes for hours on end. That reminds me that I need to do another mix (or three) and this one has to go on there!

ECT & Haste – Tears

My old buddy ECT sent me the link to an track we made years back in my studio (when I had one). I don’t think it’s gonna win any awards or anything and I don’t remember the intro being that dull (!) but it brings back some good memories for me and I thought I’d share.

Sadly, gone are the days of sitting in boiling hot rooms surrounded by racks of archaic outboard samplers and effects units. They were fun times and over the years I made what seemed like hundreds of tunes that never even made it close to vinyl. This is one of them…