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Mo-Do – Eins, Zwei, Polizei

Another one that’s going to have to come with a warning followed by a swift apology.

I’m off to Cologne (or the much cooler looking Köln) for some fun, Germany style, in a few hours. The trip has reminded me of going to Deutschlad in the 90s on my school’s German exchange. Eins, Zwei, Polizei (translated “One, Two, Police” — (X_x) ) was the big tune of the moment and we heard it in all over TV and at some of the clubs/bars we managed to blag our way into.

It’s utter shite but pretty hilarious. Standard European pop dance with amazingly inane ramblings over the top (“Ja, ja, ja, was ist los? Was ist das?” — “Yes, yes, yes, what’s up? What’s that?”). I wasn’t aware of this but it turns out that Mo-Do hails from Italy, even though all the songs are in German. Random.

Anyway, “enjoy” the tune. I’d be surprised if you got more than 30 seconds into it. If you really do want to torture yourself more there’s also a remix with added female vocals and cheesy synths.

Sieben, acht…guten nacht