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Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas

Happy Crimbo everyone!

DJ Dance – Side A [F Project 26]

Happy Christmas!

Apologies in advance…

All Saints – Pure Shores

Today is a good day as I’m off on holiday for two whole weeks to sunny Thailand to hang with some old mates and celebrate two of them getting married. To get in the mood for it I’m gonna post this pop classic and yes, I’m serious. All Saints were pretty decent as girl bands go and I always fancied Mel Blatt back in the day. This tune is proper large.

All Saints
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Mo-Do – Eins, Zwei, Polizei

Another one that’s going to have to come with a warning followed by a swift apology.

I’m off to Cologne (or the much cooler looking Köln) for some fun, Germany style, in a few hours. The trip has reminded me of going to Deutschlad in the 90s on my school’s German exchange. Eins, Zwei, Polizei (translated “One, Two, Police” — (X_x) ) was the big tune of the moment and we heard it in all over TV and at some of the clubs/bars we managed to blag our way into.

It’s utter shite but pretty hilarious. Standard European pop dance with amazingly inane ramblings over the top (“Ja, ja, ja, was ist los? Was ist das?” — “Yes, yes, yes, what’s up? What’s that?”). I wasn’t aware of this but it turns out that Mo-Do hails from Italy, even though all the songs are in German. Random.

Anyway, “enjoy” the tune. I’d be surprised if you got more than 30 seconds into it. If you really do want to torture yourself more there’s also a remix with added female vocals and cheesy synths.

Sieben, acht…guten nacht

FAB Featuring MC Parker – Thunderbirds Are Go

It’s Friday again. This week it seems like this one has come several days late so to celebrate here is possibly the cheesiest tune I’ve posted yet. This brings back memories of watching my mate’s Now Dance 89 video (or something like that) which was pure running man vibes from start to finish.

So I’m gonna make no bones about it; this tune is proper shite. However, the section at 1:55 with the Stingray theme over the Funky Drummer is so fucking serious that it hurts. Also, loving the shot of Stuart Pearce at World Cup 90 at the start straight off VHS. Retro