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Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind

Pharrell’s album’s out and it’s not too bad at all. Aside from the crappy Daft Punk vocals this is my pick of the bunch – nice chorus and cool little synth string arpeggios make this a sweet little summery ditty. I’m guessing that because it’s featuring Daft Punk means it’ll be a future single?

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MGMT – Of Moons, Birds & Monsters

We had the first MGMT album on in the office recently. The initial part of the album is pretty played out now but I’d forgotten about this little gem towards the end.

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Twin Shadow – Beg For The Night

This dude is sick. Kinda sounds like it was made in the 80s in someone’s bedroom when it was really made in 2012, probably in someone’s bedroom. Both of Mr Shadow’s albums are great, if you like this then check them out.

Twin Shadow
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Arcadia – The Promise

Arcadia was most of the members of Duran Duran prancing around in rugs making tunes while Duran weren’t doing a great deal. I do love a bit of Le Bon and the boys, especially when in ultra-pretentious 80s mode so this is a winner for me.

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Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It

I have to admit that before sticking it on the other day I hadn’t listened to Off The Wall in a long time. Somehow I’d managed to forget quite what an amazing album it is, soulful yet well on the way to the dizzying heights of pop greatness that would come with Thriller. Hopefully everyone knows this tune (if you don’t then I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your time) but if you’ve not checked it in a while give this a spin and remember why this man was the greatest pop artist of all time. Beautiful.

Off The Wall
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