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The Wannadies – You And Me Song

Great 90s indie pop. I never bothered to listen to anything else by this band so have no idea if they every did anything else that was at all decent. How open minded of me!

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Tears For Fears – Watch Me Bleed

You probably know a load of tunes by these guys, they had several massive hits in the 80s although I was never so much a fan of the later ones (Shout, Sowing the Seeds etc.). Their first album, The Hurting, contains some killer tracks and is one of those rare pop records that’s actually worth a listen all the way through rather than heading straight for the singles. As well as Mad World, and the awesome Pale Shelter there are a few other wicked tracks on there including this one…

The Hurting
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Eighth Wonder – I’m not Scared

Awesome 80s pop written by the Pet Shop Boys and sung by a young Patsy Kensit. Wicked tune that I can’t get out of my head…

Might as well chuck in the version the Boys recorded for their amazing Introspective album for good measure

Eighth Wonder
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Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring (Extended Mix)

The Pet Shop Boys are one of my favourite bands. There aren’t that many that do catchy pop as well as these guys and they’ve released some classic tunes over the years. I only recently heard this extended mix of Being Boring, one of their singles which tends to get a little overlooked…

Pet Shop Boys
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The Radio Dept. – Pulling Our Weight

I only discovered these guys recently as I’ve been digging into a load more indie bits & pieces recently and found some great bands through recommendations from mates. Dreamy indie pop from a bunch of Swedish fellas which is right up my street. They recently had a singles CD come out which is well worth picking up if you haven’t heard their stuff before

The Radio Dept.
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