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Grant Nelson – di5c0nn3ct

Lovely bit of rollin’ house from one of the most prolific producers I’ve ever come across. Good to see that Grant’s still putting out tracks after all these years. Will most definitely be grabbing this one next time I pick up a few tunes!

Grant Nelson
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Grant Nelson – In My Soul (Dubbed Out Mix)

I’ve been getting back into Garage recently after buying a mate’s collection. We used to go out to loads of Garage clubs back in the late 90s when I was just a young lad and it’s wicked to now be able to put names to some of these tunes.

The bad thing is that I’m now addicted to this stuff and eBay and Discogs are doing some very bad things to my bank balance, even if loads of these tunes can be picked up for almost nothing.

Anyway, something here from Grant Nelson, a man responsible for so much good music it’s ridiculous. He started out making hardcore as Wishdokta and made many classic tunes in the Happy Hardcore genre before it went way too four to the floor and cheesy. He is probably most well known for his Garage and House output, running several huge Garage labels like Nice ‘N’ Ripe and all of its sub-labels that churned out the tunes in the 90s.

Enough talking, music time…