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From The Man Like The Pennywise – Mystery

Symphony Sound knocked out plenty of big tunes in its brief existence. I know Nookie had some involvement there somewhere but not totally sure how much. If this tune didn’t have at least a fair bit of help from him then I’ll eat my hat.

Nookie – Only You

Nookie is one of my all-time favourite producers. He’s been behind so many huge tunes, loads of which people don’t really realise were engineered by him (most of Ray Keith’s biggest tracks, for instance). From his hardcore outings, through jungle and on to D&B he has consistently put out top quality releases. This one is just perfect for the current summer that we’re experiencing here in sunny London. Bought out back in ’95 on the legendary Reinforced Records this one is a lovely mash up of female vocals, rolling beats and that trademark piano sound that often pops up in Nookie’s tunes.

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