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Charm B2B Maxx Vinyl – 80s Grooves Mix

Lovely mix of 80s rare groove, soul, funk and all that kinda thing from Maxx Vinyl & Charm. Maxx is a wicked hardcore & old skool DJ and I’d recommend checking him out if you get the chance. So many tunes on this mix. Give it a spin and bring a good vibe to a grey day…

Sherrick – Just Call

Pretty smooth 80s soul from the singularly named Sherrick. No info on this fella at all, I just absolutely love the tune.

Change – Mutual Attraction

Ooooooh gosh! There’s been very little in the way of rare groove and 80s soul up here for a while. Time to fix that…

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WillieSmalls – Your Mum Is Going To Love This One Mix

I’ve not given it a proper listen yet but there are some classic tunes and big names on this mix of soul & funk. Give it a spin…

  1. The System – You Are In My System (Polydor)

  2. Lillo Thomas – Your Love’s Got A Hold On Me (Capitol)

  3. Cutty – Naughty Times (Cooltempo)

  4. Warner – After Love Has Gone (Oscar Jay Music)

  5. Ingram – DJ’s Delight (Streetwave)

  6. Peech Boys – On A Journey (Island)

  7. Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce (Warner)

  8. Joy – I Need Your Love (Eastern)

  9. Samson & Delilah – I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away (Instrumental) (Saturn)

  10. Starschine – All I Need Is You (Rams Horn)

  11. Stephanie Mills – Put Your Body In It (20th Century Fox)

  12. Imagination – Changes (Larry Levan Remix) (Unidisc)

  13. Raw Silk – Just In Time & Space (Dub) (West End)

  14. Loose Joints – Tell You Today (New York Underground Disco)

  15. C Brand – Wired For Games (Spring)

  16. Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa (London)

  17. Roy Ayers – Fast Money (Uno Melodic)

WillieSmalls presents Your Mum Is Going To love This One by WillieSmalls

Kleeer – Intimate Connection

Smooth soul from back in the 80s with a band so fond of the letter E that they put three of them in their name. Big, big tune that I always love hearing when I happen upon a club playing rare groove and the like. Also has wickedly (and forgivably) misheard title – who can really listen and not think they’re singing about an “internet connection”?


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