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Archive for June, 2009

Jermaine Stewart – Get Lucky

Pretty well known for his wicked We Don’t Have To track – a killer 80s tune, which I’m sure I’ll feature on here at some point, here’s Jermaine Stewart in 1987 with Get Lucky. I wanted to embed the video itself which has him poncing around with a wickedly gay take on the greaser/teddy boy hairdo but all the versions on YouTube are terrible quality and all out-of-sync. Here’s the 12″ mix…

Cool Guitars – Dean VMNT Rust In Peace

I’ve been playing guitar, on and off, since I was fairly young. If memory serves me correctly there was always an old acoustic in the house and I got my first electric guitar, a crappy strat copy in red with black fretboard, when I was around 10 or 11.

I can’t say that I play that well, although I used to be pretty good when I was in my late teens and played almost every day at school. Having recently got back into playing again I’ve become somewhat addicted to the idea of owning more guitars than I have space (or need) for. This is not a good thing.

This has got to be one of the coolest (well, in my eyes) guitars ever. Dave Mustiaine + guitar + Rust In Peace graphics = too much for me to handle

Dean VMNT Rust In Peace

Sadly, at £1,000+ I’m not going to be able to justify buying it. Must resist buying the cheaper alternative

Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Rust In Peace

Fever Ray

My buddy Stephen put me on to this one. It’s a little project from Karin, the singer of the The Knife.

I love this track from the album called When I Grow Up and the video is totally cool as well. Well worth checking it in HD on vimeo for full effect

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Fever Ray website
Listen on Spotify: spotify:album:4XqxgfhSejcuMsa1uPPQEi

The Man From Formation – Darken You With My Presence E.P.

Two killer tunes from this four track E.P on the excellent Formation sub-label F Project

No surprises who “The Man From Formation” is: DJ SS, here using yet another pseudonym.



I love the horror movies samples on this one, just wish I could work out where it was sampled from

DJ SS discography
F Project discography

Slayer Shoes!

How could I resist these?

Saw them while I was in Japan

Vans slayer owens hi

and had to resist the ridiculously high prices there. Luckily they were readily available on my return and a pair were bought.

These ones, not so good…

Vans slayer lo

Vans Slayer site