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Archive for March, 2011

Brothers Johnson – I’ll Be Good To You

It’s a bit cheesy and all but fun stuff from Quincy Jones’s boys doing one of their tunes that would later be covered by Quincy, Ray Charles and Chaka Khan. You probably know The brothers for this one that, aside from being a very well known tunes in its own right, was featured in the Jackie Brown soundtrack.

Brothers Johnson
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A Guy Called Gerald – Nazinji Zaka

Do people know about this one? No idea. I love it. Deeeeeeeep

A Guy Called Gerald
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Aquasky – Images

I remember when this came out 16 odd years ago. It was around the time when I’d park up in the kitchen for two hours every Wednesday to listen to the jungle show on Kiss while concocting various experiments with toasted sandwiches and whatever I could find in the family fridge, but that’s another story altogether.

Many say that around ’95 was the golden era for ambient/jazzy/intelligent jungle and I’d have to agree. Moving Shadow was putting out endless supplies of niceness and this was always one of my favourites. The other side of the 12″ was equally excellent. I bet you can buy this for peanuts on eBay too…

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Aurra – You & Me Tonight

Something smooth to start your day…

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Zinc – Very Old Skool Mix

Cor, what a slacker I’ve been on here lately, hardly any updates. I bet both of my readers are gutted about that!

I’ve not had a chance to give this a listen yet but it just popped up on my Twitter feed. Worth a look, I reckon…

zinc old skool mix by zinc