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The Cure – Let’s Go To Bed

The Cure, a band who I’m sure will pop up here again at some point, released tonnes of classics. Most people know all the big tunes: Close To Me, Lovecats, Boys Don’t Cry etc. but this is one that might have escaped several of you. Released as a single all the way back in 1982 this is a lovely slice of 80s electronic pop music…

Clor – Love + Pain

Now defunct Clor called it a day after their debut album came out. Bit of a shame, really, as I thought it was pretty good! Fun, poppy stuff here with the right mix of guitars and electronic elements coupled with some nice melodies to keep the whole bouncing along rather nicely. Pretty sure they’re from Brixton as well, always nice to know that they’re local!

Watch it below but there’s a higher quality version on YouTube that EMI won’t let me embed.

You can check the entire album out on Spotify using this URI – spotify:album:6qWpkqT0EQVL1l1CQjwpoL