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Love Nation – Musical Foundations (Austin Reynolds Remix)

Lots of people write off happy hardcore as a genre that never brought anything good to the world. These people are entirely wrong, of course. Before things went too stompy (95/96) breakbeats still led the way and a few people were putting out a lovely mix of jungle & hardcore. Austin Reynolds showing how this was done perfectly here, absolutely t for tremendous…

DJ Slam – Looking Into the Light

If you say “I like happy hardcore” to most people then you’ll probably be treated either as a child or as someone with mild mental retardation. However, I hope to prove that there’s actually lots of (well, some) decent stuff in that most cheesy of genres. You can pretty much ignore anything after 1996 and even ’95 is pushing it but that brief period when jungle & happy were still played at the same raves and even in the same sets produced some great tunes which many people might be missing out on.

This is a killer tune from 1993 by DJ Slam. A pretty hard one to track down, wish I actually had a copy myself. It sums up perfectly, for me, what was good about happy hardcore. Hectic breaks, piano breakdown and heavy bassline before it all went a bit too four to the floor and started ripping off every pop tune ever.

J Rolla’s Big Happy Mix

I’ve been buying way too much Happy Hardcore recently. Before you think less of me I’m not talking about the horrible BOOM BOOM BOOM stuff that you’d generally associate with the HHC label. Many people don’t seem to know this but before ’96 Happy was actually pretty good if you could stand a little cheese. Less four to the floor and more amens and breakbeats with the odd piano here and there.

J Rolla, a wicked DJ who you should all go check out when you have the chance, posted this mis up on DNBA forums a little while back and I’ve had this on heavy rotation ever since. It absolutely sums up the good side of Happy Hardcore leaving out all the shite and, boy, there’s a lot of it

Check it out over at Soundcloud – The Big Happy Mix