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Another Level – Guess I Was A Fool (MJ Cole Remix)

Yeah, yeah, I know. Another Level are shite. Dane Bowers getting arrest in Croydon reminded me of them and this nice little remix that MJ Cole did for pretty much every chart single back in 1999. Not differing much from that standard MJ Cole remix formula that must have netted him a bucketload of cash at the time this somehow made a very average tune pretty decent. Some may disagree, of course.

ps Bomb Diggy was the biz, if only for Dane’s horrendous cowboy rapist outfit.

Another Level
Buy Another Level MP3s on Amazon (if that tickles your pickle)

Toddla T – Better (MJ Cole’s Future Garage Remix)

This was supposed to come out a while back but I still can’t see it available anywhere. Lovely garage vibes crossed with a dose of ambient and, as the title suggests, future vibes. MJ Cole still cranking out wicked tunes after all these years…

Toddla T “Better” – MJ Cole’s Future Garage Remix by MJ Cole

De Ryus – Grass Ain’t Greener (MJ Cole Remix)

De Ryus, from what I can remember where a Swedish or Danish boy band (why is there nothing on Wikipedia about them?). The original track was fairly uninspiring when I heard it but MJ Cole’s remix was a stunner. Back in 1999 he could really do no wrong and there was a new classic out from him every week, it seemed. Anyway, this is a lesser known one, although still a bit tune. Enjoy…

Edit: turns out that I was totally wrong. De Ryus is a British singer/songwriter. I have no idea why I thought it was a boy band. It’s possible I was thinking of BBMak who got the Artful Dodger remix treatment at around the same time, but they’re English!

Note: this always makes me giggle as it sounds like it’s saying “ah, ah boobies”.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll grow up one day