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Archive for November, 2010

Stay Sailing – Pirate Radio Documentary

Nice little documentary on pirate radio and its effect on music culture featuring several familiar faces

Stay Sailing from hazel chandler on Vimeo.

Jon Black – Sometimes Vol.#1 (Old Skool 88-90)

Nice old skool mix of classic early hardcore and house from the late 80s. Many big tunes in here that I’m sure you’ll recognise even if you don’t know the names

Sometimes Vol.#1 (Old Skool 88-90) – Jon Black by Jon Black

French Fries & Chaos In The CBD – With You

Big new tune from French Fries & Chaos In The CBD (where do these names come from?). I know French Fries from a few remixes done recently but know nothing about Messrs Central Business District. Cool cut up vocal on this one with spacetastic backing

French Fries & Chaos In The CBD – With You (Original Mix) by Chaos In The CBD

Crap Metal Album Covers #1: Tokyo Blade – Blackhearts & Jaded Spades

The music world is full of crap artwork but there’s certainly one genre that really seems to excel in it and that’s heavy metal. I love metal and to make up for the fact that I’ll rarely post up any tunes here for people to check out then I thought it might be fun to have a look at some of the more interesting metal artwork I’ve come across in the past.

On to our first…


Now, I have no idea what the concept behind this even was. For starters there’s not much metal about it at all. It actually reminds me more of the cartoons from One Crazy Summer a film that I, for some unknown reason, have seen more than once and you’re lucky to have never heard of (I hope). It did have the guy from Police Academy with the funny voice in it, which perhaps makes it almost worth watching.

Anyway, I digress. This cover is truly awful. Wikipedia tells me “[the album] was interpreted as an attempt to conquer the American and Japanese markets, where glam and pop metal acts dominated the charts, but to no avail.”

To no avail… I wonder why. Would you buy that?

Urban Myths – Stronger

Urban Myths was a wicked little label that put out four top UK garage releases back in the late 90s. I guess they’re fairly hard to come by now and a couple of them will set you back a few quid but they’re well worth grabbing if you see them around. The man behind the moniker was Mike Millrain who was part of the Nice ‘N’ Ripe crew and released lots of wicked tracks under a huge array of names. Badman

The vocal is nicked from Alexander O’Neal – Criticize which makes this tune even more awesome