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Archive for February, 2010

Pizzicato Five – Baby Love Child

Sugary 90s pop from Japan. Super catchy all the way through, now sing along

Cedric Winkleburger & The Yellow Blueberries – Take It Easy

A total classic piece of ’91 breakbeat hardcore here from the seminal Shut Up & Dance Label. I’ve already spilled my heart about these guys in a Ragga Twins post. I’ve never worked out whether Cedric Winkleburger is just another alias for PJ & Smiley or whether it was a legitimate artist but the track sounds very similar to other SUAD productions of the time.

An absolute corker of a tune, I could listen to this all day

RollDaBeats flyers arrived

The flyers for the next RollDaBeats night turned up today and they’re looking cool!

Wasn’t totally sure if the green was gonna be too light but it came out absolutely perfect….noooiiiiiice

Make sure you check out the gig info – Tango & Ratty, Equinox, J Rolla and myself – 20th March. Old skool all night

RollDaBeats 20 March 2010 flyer

Boris – Farewell

Boris is a bunch of noisy Japanese types who, as far as I can make out, seem to skip across a variety of musical styles from the trippy to downright weird. Some people may have heard their collaborations with Sunn O))), masters of the drone & bass, which are well worth a look in if you’re into that kinda thing.

Here’s Farewell, one of their more accessible tracks (and I use that in fairly loose terms), taken from the album Pink on the awesome Southern Lord label.

More Rockers – You’re Gonna (Make Me) (Roni Size & DJ Krust Remix)

I wanted to put the original version (strictly speaking, the Peter D mix) up but it’s nowhere to be seen on YouTube. This will do fine instead as it’s the far more dancefloor friendly version. Some of you may have heard this before but I’m guessing it’s not too well known a track. Totally wicked stuff with much amen chopping from the Bristol boys when they could do no wrong in the mid nineties