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Archive for June, 2010

Ron Tom – Revalation

Absolutely massive jungle tune that many may recognise but not know the name of. From 1994, the golden era of jungle, and released on the wicked Metamorphosis label that also brought us the huge Dub War by Dance Conspiracy a couple of years earlier. I love the Jefree – Mr Fix It sample in there that pops up half way through. Such a tune <3

Mo-Do – Eins, Zwei, Polizei

Another one that’s going to have to come with a warning followed by a swift apology.

I’m off to Cologne (or the much cooler looking Köln) for some fun, Germany style, in a few hours. The trip has reminded me of going to Deutschlad in the 90s on my school’s German exchange. Eins, Zwei, Polizei (translated “One, Two, Police” — (X_x) ) was the big tune of the moment and we heard it in all over TV and at some of the clubs/bars we managed to blag our way into.

It’s utter shite but pretty hilarious. Standard European pop dance with amazingly inane ramblings over the top (“Ja, ja, ja, was ist los? Was ist das?” — “Yes, yes, yes, what’s up? What’s that?”). I wasn’t aware of this but it turns out that Mo-Do hails from Italy, even though all the songs are in German. Random.

Anyway, “enjoy” the tune. I’d be surprised if you got more than 30 seconds into it. If you really do want to torture yourself more there’s also a remix with added female vocals and cheesy synths.

Sieben, acht…guten nacht

Kleeer – Intimate Connection

Smooth soul from back in the 80s with a band so fond of the letter E that they put three of them in their name. Big, big tune that I always love hearing when I happen upon a club playing rare groove and the like. Also has wickedly (and forgivably) misheard title – who can really listen and not think they’re singing about an “internet connection”?


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Kavsrave – PClart

Top dubstep with lovely floaty vocals here on the ever impressive Numbers label. Baggage Handler on the same EP is getting a lot of play as well, but I just think the drop lets down an awesome intro on that one. Maybe that’s just me, though, eh?

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Girl Unit – WUT

Big tune from London based, and weirdly named, Girl Unit. I posted up DVA’s remix of IRL off his last EP but this is a new one that I’ve heard plenty of people playing. Massive tune, can’t wait for it to come out. On Night slugs, presumably

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